Quest Termite & Pest in Allentown, Pennsylvania

Whether you’re dealing with mice in your walls or bees under your roof, Quest Termite & Pest is ready to help. We’re a trusted Allentown exterminator with over 20 years of experience serving the needs of businesses and homeowners throughout the region.

Our Pest Management Services in Allentown

You deserve confidence that your property is free from unwanted critters. At Quest Termite & Pest, we understand these challenges and work tirelessly to become Allentown’s go-to source for pest management solutions. We’ve developed a comprehensive list of services to address your every need, including: 

  • Pest control: We provide property owners with effective strategies to quickly and successfully control pests like roaches, beetles, and bees. Our trained specialists balance their vast technical pest knowledge with modern, environmentally conscious practices to offer a safe, long-lasting solution. 
  • Wood treatment: Our team conducts free termite inspections to give you a professional, transparent understanding of any potential wood-boring insect problems. Our inspectors start at your home’s basement and crawl spaces. With a better understanding, our team will devise viable solutions to protect your investment. 
  • Disinfectant: Quest Termite & Pest is fully licensed and certified to supply sanitizing services that give you the peace of mind you deserve. We’ll fog, mist, and wipe down those hard-to-reach areas to promote a cleaner, safer environment for your employees or family. 
  • Real estate inspections: We specialize in property inspections to ensure homes and buildings are pest-free before purchase. Our team can easily identify common signs of pests and will help identify hidden challenges to make the buying process more transparent. 

Allentown's Pest Control Experts

Partner with the leading provider of residential, commercial, and industrial pest control solutions in Allentown. We strive to address your full-scale needs to make your home or business safer and more comfortable for family members, employees, and customers. Our team has designed a straightforward procedure to thoroughly address your needs. This step-by-step process includes: 

  • Consultation: We conduct free consultations over the phone to learn more about your situation, your past issues, and any at-home strategies you’ve tried. 
  • Emergency response: If immediate action is needed, we’ll recommend solutions and send a team to your location as soon as possible. 
  • Inspection: Our technicians will assess your property to devise a personalized action plan and a treatment strategy. 
  • Treatment: After evaluating the problem and creating a solution, our team will work to treat the affected area. This step can often occur on the same day as the inspection. 
  • Future support: We’ll stick by your side long after our service ends, ready to address further pest challenges you may face. 

About Quest Termite & Pest

Quest Termite & Pest is a family-owned and -operated company dedicated to providing Allentown residents and business owners with pest control solutions they can trust. Our team holds countless credentials, including the National Pest Management’s QualityPro® qualification — displaying our commitment to providing the highest-quality pest control experience.

We’re also a part of the National Pest Management and Pennsylvania Pest Management associations. These organizations require our experts to continuously attend training events, which give them valuable information on the latest strategies, products, and technologies. 

Choosing Quest Termite & Pest as your local exterminator in Allentown offers benefits like: 

  • Same-day services. 
  • Licensed, insured, and experienced professionals.
  • Personalized care. 

Contact Our Team to Learn More

Interested in learning how the Quest Termite & Pest team can solve your pest control challenges in Allentown? Our pest experts can’t wait to answer your questions and help you get started with an effective and affordable plan. Contact our team online or call us at 610-897-0822 today. 


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