Effective Stink Bug Pest Control With Quest Termite & Pest

As winter approaches, so does the familiar issue of stink bugs in the Lehigh Valley. Stink bugs, like the brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB), often get into homes in the colder months in search of a warm hideaway. We at Quest Termite & Pest are here to help you. Let’s unravel how stink bugs infiltrate your home and how you can prevent them.

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What Do Stink Bugs Look Like?

Many homeowners may wonder what attracts these pests to their living spaces. The key lies in understanding their behavior and life cycle. At Quest Termite & Pest, we can quickly identify and manage stink bugs for you. Here are some distinguishing features that set them apart:

  • Size and shape: BMSBs are about 5/8 inches long and have a shield-like shape.
  • Coloration: Their backs display a unique marbled or mottled brown coloring.
  • Antennae and legs: Their antennae and legs may have white banding.
  • Body parts: Alternating dark and light bands mark the edge of their abdomen.
  • Odor: BMSBs release a distinct citrus odor when disturbed or crushed.

To control pests, you must understand their characteristics and hire professionals for treatment.

How to control Stink Bugs

Preventive measures are crucial in stink bug management. We recommend the following stink bug prevention measures:

  • Seal cracks and openings in your home.
  • Regularly check and tend to your garden. 
  • Adjust the outdoor lighting during active seasons.
  • Use eco-friendly pesticides in specific areas when needed.
  • Catch and remove stink bugs indoors using safe traps.
  • Inspect your space and follow up with your efforts to ensure long-term effectiveness.

These strategies can comprehensively address your stink bug problem, ensuring your home remains comfortable. If an infestation infiltrates your home beyond your control, however, reach out to us so we can provide a solution for your specific needs.

Specialized Stink Bug Pest Control Services by Quest Termite & Pest

When infestations call for more advanced solutions, we stand out as the service of choice for the following reasons:

  • Emergency same-day service: We’re ready to resolve infestations immediately, ensuring quick relief.
  • QualityPro® certified: We adhere to the highest industry standards in pest control.
  • Local expertise: Our deep understanding of specific local pest challenges sets us apart.

At Quest Termite & Pest, we provide expert stink bug control services. With over two decades of local experience, we understand the importance of responding promptly and effectively to these pesky invaders.

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We offer the following services to keep your home or business safe and comfortable:

  • Stink bug management
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  • Termite assessments and solutions
  • Pest remediation
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  • Wildlife relocation services
  • Sanitization and disinfecting services
  • Real estate inspections

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