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Living or working close to critters is fine for most as long as the animals stay where they belong. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. Pests may be a nuisance, finding their way into homes and businesses seeking warmth, shelter, and food, which can cause other issues.

Choose Quest Termite & Pest if you want to remove critters from your property.

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Background on Rodents

Our complete integrated pest prevention services can help you manage rodent challenges. 

House mice are a common nuisance for Lehigh Valley property owners and managers. Mice aren’t hibernators like some other critters, so the issue may worsen as temperatures drop and they enter homes and businesses to survive the season.

Taking steps to implement preventative pest control for your home can help protect you from unwanted intruders and ensure a safe and pest-free living environment.

Once mice set up residence indoors, they can cause numerous issues, like:
  • Health problems: These furry little rodents can spread bacteria or disease. Also, children — especially those with underdeveloped immune systems — may be sensitive or allergic to the animals’ urine.
  • Food contamination: Mice can easily contaminate food sources when tracking their urine or feces through them. This can lead to excess waste or unintentional consumption that causes illness.
  • Fire hazards and electrical system damage: Rodents like mice need to chew on things to prevent their teeth from growing too long. They often turn to the wires sharing their favorite nesting spots, causing costly repairs or property fires.
  • Introduction of other pests: Mice can carry ticks, fleas, and other parasites. Bringing those pests onto your property can create secondary infestations.
  • Fast increase: Mice have an exceptionally high reproductive rate and short gestation periods. This translates directly to delivering multiple-pup litters every few weeks.

Our Rodent Control Services

Your Quest Pest team can employ different resolution approaches depending on the scope of the challenge.

Our rodent management methods include:
  • Trap and release. Our experts use industry-approved traps and bait to capture the animal and then release it into the wild.
  • Extermination. Quest Pest specialists deploy baited traps or use solutions like rodenticides to resolve some issues.
  • Repellents. We use repellents as preventive pest control management to deter critters from coming in and settling down.
  • Exclusion. Our teams often use the exclusion method to seal off critter entryways with one-way passages — once they’ve exited, there’s no return.

In all cases, we embrace an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) philosophy. Combining best practices and in-depth critter knowledge helps us develop unique, environmentally responsible management strategies. The result is cost-effective services at reduced risk to people, pets, and property.

About Quest Termite & Pest

Quest Termite & Pest is a family-owned company and a leading pest exterminator near you in the Lehigh Valley. We have over 20 years of experience in wildlife management, are fully licensed and insured, and can respond the same day in many circumstances. We’re also one of only 300 firms nationwide to earn the QualityPro® certification. This honor means we’ve met strict guidelines for industry knowledge, customer satisfaction, and quality services. The customer praise we’ve generated demonstrates our ongoing commitment to these values. 

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As a local, family-owned company, Quest Termite & Pest is a perfect choice if you’re looking for the area’s top wildlife control company. Our team of professionals has the equipment, knowledge, and expertise to deliver superior service, whether you have a one-time project or require long-term care. 

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