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Bugs often creep into a home without you knowing, leaving behind traces like droppings or causing damage to the structure of your home. Make sure your home is safe from bugs by scheduling a pest inspection. Our qualified team at Quest Termite and Pest provides free pest inspections in the Lehigh Valley. With no obligation, you can discover whether critters have entered your home before deciding whether to seek control services. 

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Parasitic Insects

Ensure Your Home Is Pest-Free

A professional inspection is always a good option if you suspect you have bugs or rodents in your home. Here are a few reasons to get a home inspection:

  • Gain peace of mind: An inspection eliminates worries about potential infestations by confirming whether your home is pest-free or may benefit from other services.
  • Avoid home damage: Bugs and critters can wreak havoc on your home if left undetected, from rodents chewing through wires to termites destroying the wood structures. 
  • Protect health: From carrying viruses to contaminating your food, pests can harm you and your family if an infestation is left untreated.
  • Get professional advice: Trained and certified technicians know how to identify infestations and propose the best solutions to protect your health and eliminate the invasion. 


Pest we inspect

Our Free Pest Inspections in Eastern Pennsylvania

Quest Pest’s free inspections give you peace of mind and keep your home safe. We begin by checking your home’s interior and exterior for any signs of pests, from droppings to home damage. We’ll explore even hard-to-reach areas to ensure no insects or critters are hiding in them. 

We perform inspections for many critters, including:
lantern flies

After our inspection, we will provide an estimate to take care of your problem as early as that day!

Once we inspect your home, we can also provide safe and effective pest control services. We practice integrated pest management, an elimination process that minimizes risks to people and the environment. We even offer scheduled services to eliminate pests and ensure they stay gone. 

Parasitic Insects

About Quest Termite & Pest

Our team at Quest Pest has been identifying and eliminating critters in homes for many years. As a locally owned and operated pest control company, we know which conditions and creatures may affect your home, and we have the necessary expertise to find and eliminate pests. We also carry a QualityPro Certification from the National Pest Management Association, demonstrating our high standard of excellence. 

Beyond offering expertise, we provide caring service. We’ll explain our inspection service in detail and describe our available treatment options if we find critters in your home. We’ll only sell you the services you need.

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Quest Termite and Pest offers free pest control inspections in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, to give you peace of mind. We’ll discover hidden critters and suggest the best treatment options. Schedule an assessment by getting in touch today.