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Are you ticked off by ticks? If you’ve noticed more tick bites than usual or are worried about letting your children or pets play outdoors, remember you don’t have to live with ticks. Quest Termite & Pest can help protect your property from ticks and other pests.

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Silent Destroyers

The Risk of Ticks in the Lehigh Valley

Ticks are blood-sucking parasites that can also spread diseases. While more than 900 different tick species exist, only about 25 are commonly seen in Pennsylvania. In the Lehigh Valley, there are two tick species to be particularly concerned about, American dog ticks and black-legged ticks (sometimes called deer ticks).

Black-legged ticks can spread Lyme disease while American dog ticks can spread Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Both diseases can cause severe illnesses. Ticks can spread other diseases as well, including babesiosis and rabbit fever, but these are rare. 

Signs of a Tick Infestation in the Lehigh Valley

People and pets typically pick up ticks when they are outdoors. If you or other family members spend time in wooded or grassy areas, a tick may attach itself to your body, burying its head into your skin to feed. 

It can reproduce in your home if you don’t find and remove the tick. You may first notice signs of a tick infestation by finding ticks on you, your family members or your pets. You may also see signs of ticks along the edge of rugs, baseboards or windows.

Sometimes, the first sign of a tick infestation occurs when someone develops the symptoms of a tick-borne illness, such as the distinctive bullseye mark of Lyme disease or a rash from Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

About Our Services

Quest Termite & Pest offers seasonal pest control services to help manage ticks and other seasonal pests, such as wasps and fleas. We offer services that keep the tick population around your home minimal.

Our Service Benefits

When you choose pest control for ticks, you get the peace of mind that your yard and home are safe from ticks. You can feel confident letting your children and pets play outdoors without worrying about them picking up an unwanted visitor.

How to Prevent Ticks

Along with pest control services, you can be proactive about tick prevention in and around your home. When you go outside, particularly in wooded or grassy areas, wear Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registered insect repellents and spray your clothing with repellant. 

When you arrive home, inspect your body for signs of ticks, particularly in warm, dark areas, such as under your arms, on your scalp and behind your ears. Also inspect your children, pets, clothing and gear for ticks. Take a shower soon after you return to wash away ticks that may be on your body but not yet attached.

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