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We’ve Got Bedbugs! Now What?

It’s a nightmare for most and a stressful reality for some — a bed bug infestation. Before you freak out about the insect you noticed in the bedroom, make sure you’ve correctly identified the species.

Here’s what to do if you have bed bugs in the house.

Schedule a Professional Inspection

Some jobs are best left to the professionals — identifying bed bugs in the house makes this list.

Deciding the next steps for pest control treatments will depend on what you have living in your residential space. Look for pest control experts willing to travel to your location for an inspection. You may be able to schedule a complimentary inspection to save money and still work with experts who know how to get rid of bed bugs permanently.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs — Identifying, Removing, and Treating

Pest control experts can take the first steps to getting rid of bed bugs in one day. They’ll use the following steps to address a bed bug infestation:

    • Professionals identify bed bugs by their reddish color and circular bodies.
    • Workers vacuum up large bed bug populations.
    • The vacuum bag is sealed off and discarded.
    • Some affected items are thrown away, such as pillows, stuffed animals, and sheets.
    • Large pieces of furniture remain in place to prevent bed bugs from moving.
    • Your pest control team will likely fumigate the home and apply pesticide treatments.

Bed Bugs and Next Steps

Realistically, how long it takes to get rid of bed bugs is dependent on the treatment methods used and the preventive measures you take to keep them from returning.

Washing and drying laundry with heavy heat, sealing cracks in walls, cleaning up clutter, and refraining from storing items underneath furniture are proactive methods of keeping bed bugs out of the home. You can also fasten mattress covers to make it harder for insects to infiltrate.

Seek Professional Help for Bed Bug Problems

Whether you live in an apartment or own a home in Lehigh Valley, Bucks County, or a surrounding area in Pennsylvania, it’s vital to seek help immediately at the first sight of a bed bug. These insects are hard to wipe out with traditional pesticides, as they reproduce quickly, move fast, and are excellent at hiding. 

You’ll require a pest control team with years of experience to get the problem under control, so call Quest Termite & Pest for help with any size infestation. Trust our team for pest mitigation services and reclaim your peace of mind. Contact us to schedule now.

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