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Six Ways to Rodent-Proof Your House for Winter

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Contrary to popular belief, rats and mice never hibernate in winter. The warmth and comfort of your home attract rodents during these cold months, which can expose your family to disease and damage. Knowing how to prevent rodents from entering your house is essential, which is why we’ve compiled this list of six ways to rodent-proof your house for winter.

Identifying Common Pest Rodents

These are some of the rodents you’re likely to see in Pennsylvania:

  • Gray squirrels: Silver-gray color with a brown face, white belly, and bushy tail
  • Roof rats: Long, soft brown bodies, large eyes, and a scaly tail
  • Mice: Six-inch-long bodies with small black eyes, large ears, and a thin tail
  • Voles: Five to eight inches long, shorter tails, compact bodies, and inconspicuous ears

How to Keep Rodents Out of Your House

Follow these expert tips to keep your house rodent-free this winter.

1. Keep Your Food Stored

Food left out in the open will attract rodent house guests. Keep all non-refrigerated food items in sealed containers or secure packaging to prevent rodent access. Also, be sure to clean all food remnants on the counters and floor immediately.

2. Eliminate Entry Points

Rodents are adept at climbing, and mice can squeeze through openings as small as one-quarter of an inch. Close off gaps like window screen tears, cracks in the structure, and pipe holes with mesh or caulk and block off your chimney with a cap.

3. Store Firewood Off the Ground

Stored firewood is a cozy rodent hiding spot. To prevent these pests from inhabiting your stockpile, store your firewood away from your house and no less than 18 inches from the ground.

4. Install Brush Strips to Doors

Attach brush strips along the bottom edge of your exterior doors to prevent mice from squeezing in through the gaps below them in winter.

5. Declutter Your Home

Stacked boxes, newspapers, old clothes, and other clutter attract rodent visitors. Reduce the risk of surprise house guests by clearing up any messes and storing your belongings in a space above floor level.

6. Keep Your Garden Tidy

Overgrown shrubs and bushes, branches close to your roof, excessive weeds, tall grass, and heaps of leaves make ideal hiding places. Tend to your garden to eliminate rodent hiding spots and prevent the ingress of rodents.

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